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The well-known shoe company Anta shoes become Sinopec supplying customers

2017-01-03 16:10:27 Haining Haixiang rubber Shoes Co Read

Sinopec news (Wang Chengyong Min Qiang) after visiting a year and tracking, Southern China chemical sales branch of the successful development of Anta shoes material Co., and network account success recently, Sinopec synthetic rubber customer base and add a quality for customers.

Anta Shoes Co. Ltd is Fujian famous sporting goods sales enterprises. Synthetic rubber chemical sales account manager Southern China branch repeatedly linked with Anta shoe material purchasing department, and tap the potential customer needs, solve customer problems. In order to allow customers to use the Maoming Petrochemical rubber products, the company seize the unstable supply opportunity for Maoming and Br Fu oak to Anta shoes for the SBR samples tested, the Fu oak has passed SBR production testing, according to Anta's foreign payment and time billing method according to the spot price of no problem, Southern China branch three kinds of pricing models to choose from, inform each kind of price pattern superiority and the insufficiency, and provide the spot price and the contract price of historical data for nearly a year for customers of which price is more suitable to solve customer problems, complete the sample push at the right time, success will be developed for supplying customers with Anta shoes