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Huidou leather shoes city to build the western professional leather shoes materials trading center

2017-01-03 15:57:39 Haining Haixiang rubber Shoes Co Read

In December 13th, huidou leather shoe city two product tasting held in Chengdu. It is reported that we have now operating a year huidou leather shoe city a professional, business occupancy rate has reached 80%, the sales rate to reach 70%, in the same way ahead in the professional market, the initial formation of the leather shoe size effect. At the same time, the city has become a leather shoe leather station proofing design center to introduce the largest global order, rapid effect.

It is understood that, as a business district gathered in Shuangliu leather shoe industry chain most huidou Trade City in the last year was renamed huidou low-key leather shoe city, once again invest 800 million yuan expansion to build industrial park, covers an area of 140 mu, total construction area of 350 thousand square meters of the western professional leather shoes materials trading center. In this regard, Sichuan leather industry association chairman Li spoke highly of the innovation and upgrading of huidou leather shoes city leather shoes city in exchange, the commercial property and business planning for 40 years at the same time, the difference, the office and the layout of the hotel network marketing center and other formats in the two period, greater efficiency to meet the demand of leather shoes the whole industry chain. Reporter Chen Chao