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The global giant shoe production production base in Dongguan

2017-01-03 15:58:10 Haining Haixiang rubber Shoes Co Read

British Teson (Texon) group is the world's largest manufacturer of footwear materials, the investment of 4 million ~500 million Dongguan Teson non-woven Co. Ltd. in the East opened yesterday. This is also the current Teson group in China, the only production base.

Foshan has moved to Dongguan

In yesterday's opening ceremony, Teson group in China, America, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Europe and other countries and regions are represented in the employees. Tasonic Group CEO Shi Danlin (Stan lamb) said that in 1994 the tazan have set up factories in Foshan, in 1995 to set up Teson sales company in Dongguan, China in more than 20 years.

Reporter query the national enterprise credit information publicity system, Dongguan Teson business scope, including the production and sale of non-woven fabric, metal materials, shoe shoe; engaged in shoe-making equipment wholesale, commission agency (excluding auction) and import and export business, to provide information, support and customer service service technology, shoemaking equipment rental.

With the production base in Dongguan put into use, Teson group has the original production in Foshan all move out. "From Foshan to Dongguan, is the integration of the sales team, business team and suppliers, will become the basis for the service to the Greater China region, is an important part of the tazan group growth strategy." Shi Danlin said. At the same time, Shi Danlin spoke highly of the tazan team in Dongguan. He said that the Dongguan team to meet the diverse needs of the rich market support, footwear products and other products and processes are well reflected.

Data show that the tazan Group originated in 1947, is a British international advanced manufacturing enterprises, with Nike, Adidas, Timberland and other international well-known brands, has a production base in the three continents in the world, the products are sold in more than and 90 countries, is the world's largest shoe production materials, is a company engaged in the world production and sales of fiber and non-woven material group.

New plant capacity will be expanded 3 times

As an important supporting industry footwear, shoe manufacturers, shoe brands need to keep up with the pace and traders. Early, the global footwear industry from Italy to Japan, South Korea, and then to Southeast asia. This process, Teson began in Asia, India, Indonesia, Chinese layout, Kampuchea, Burma, Vietnam and other countries.

Previously, Shi Danlin has said, Teson will set up factories, dealers and branch in the local and global supply system is an important competitive Thai song. In order to solve the main customers to supply the shoe materials required, reduce supply costs, improve supply efficiency, Teson has set up production bases in Europe, America and Chinese.

In fact, the production base to Dongguan Teson logic, and so. "We have a lot of major customers in Dongguan, the market is closer. Previously, Teson a sales company in Dongguan, Foshan factory, to customer service are not favorable." Shi Danlin told reporters that the original Foshan plant construction area of more than 8 thousand and 500 square meters, the building area of Dongguan is more than 3 times, the annual output value of Foshan is $16 million, to Dongguan after the plan is expanded to 3 times.

The layout in Dongguan, Teson is not limited to manufacturing. It is reported that the tazan or shoe industry to solve the problem of experts, to provide solutions for the development of enterprises in Dongguan in the future, the products not only have shoes, will be extended to the field of technical services.


Tasonic group CEO Shi Danlin:

Dongguan hardware industry is perfect"

Tasonic group CEO is not the first time Shi Danlin came to Dongguan during 2007 -2008, he worked in Dongguan sales of the company work a year, have a deeper experience of these years of industry in Dongguan. This may also have promoted Teson will move to Dongguan in Chinese, the only production factory.

Dongguan Daily: what attracted Dongguan Teson?

Shi Danlin: in 1995 to set up a company in Dongguan, I was in -2008 in Dongguan in 2007. So many years, Dongguan's industry in the adjustment, development, decided to come here because the sales market here, the production base closer to the market. This is a very important reason for coming to Dongguan.

Dongguan Daily: Dongguan industrial environment to give you what intuitive experience?

Shi Danlin: Dongguan environment is very good, especially the industrial environment. It is very complete, government services, logistics and transportation convenience. As you can see, the hardware of our factory is very good.

Dongguan Daily: now the shoe-making industry affected by the environment, the market demand is not too ideal. Are you optimistic about the industry?

Shi Danlin: indeed, the overall growth of the global footwear industry is relatively slow, by the impact of the situation, and even some manufacturers are also transferred to Southeast asia. But there is growth. Especially for China, exports have been affected, but the rapid growth of China's market, China has become the largest supplier of footwear.