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Fujian Huian finished shoe warehouse burst fire smoke everywhere in the fierce fire

2017-01-03 15:57:12 Haining Haixiang rubber Shoes Co Read

[comment] December 25th about 9:50 in the morning, Huian County of Fujian province Shan Xia industrial zone of Longgang town a finished shoe warehouse fire, smoke billowing scene. 29 fire engines, fire officers and soldiers to fight the 146. After a timely rescue, but fortunately caused no casualties.

At the scene, the fire is the single storey warehouse filled with finished shoes, billowing smoke, tin roof has been burnt down. Rescue personnel immediately in the warehouse around and set up gun water gun positions, to control the fire to neighboring buildings spread.

After more than two hours of intense relief, at about 05 in the afternoon around the scene, the fire was under control, the surrounding risks have been fully ruled out at 1:30, the basic fire extinguished. Fire officers and soldiers to continue to clean up the warehouse, completely eliminate danger.

According to the workers on the scene, the initial stage of the fire, they organize their own fire. Because there are flammable material products, the fire quickly spread, the factory began to organize people to withdraw all out.

After preliminary investigation, the fire area of about more than 3 thousand square meters, mainly for the product burning shoes. Fire causes and losses are under investigation. Fire department also reminded that safety can not be ignored, factories, enterprises must implement the fire safety responsibility system, strengthen fire inspections, timely elimination of hidden dangers.