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Haining Haixiang Group Co. Ltd. (and its subsidiaries Haining Haixiang shoe material Co. Ltd.) is the domestic professional shoe production enterprises,the company is located in the enjoyment of "wonders of the world" Haining tide in Haining City, near the Shanghai Hangzhou and Jiashao speed, distance Hangzhou 50 km, Shanghai 100 km, the traffic is very convenient.

The company was founded in 1976, the years in the past thirty-eight years, the company has obtained ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, "sea oak" brand imitation leather film in 2007 won the "Zhejiang famous brand" title, March 2009 "sea oak" brand is recognized as "Zhejiang famous trademark", and through the "National high-tech enterprises" in 2010, Haixiang shoe material has won a number of patent certificate. Company set development, production, sales in one, the annual production of "sea oak" brand of high-grade imitation leather film 3 million, small series of 3 million, rubber soles of the 5 million pairs, the overall production capacity ranked first in the domestic counterparts. Has now become a has total assets of over 100 million yuan of domestic shoe industry leading enterprises. The new plant was built in 2014. To make the enterprise scale, technology and product quality to a new level.

In the process of enterprise development, the company continued technological investment, the introduction of Germany, Taiwan, all kinds of automation equipment, efforts to carry out technological transformation, technology breakthrough improvement, independent research and development of straight out of a smooth implementation of the technology, improve product quality, reduce consumption and increase production capacity, stable product quality greatly. National invention patent.

Company introduction of automatic feeding equipment collocation of Taiwan high-quality mixer, so that people have a new understanding of rubber workshop environment, the size of the powder through the pipeline, the workshop environment is clean, tidy, formula all by measuring and controlling computer, to eliminate the quality fluctuation caused by artificial ingredients. At the same time, black, light colored rubber mixing machine, to ensure that the color is not pollution, eliminate color difference, close down the rubber material to take all the automatic glue glue to ensure that each batch of rubber mixing uniform, consistent quality. At the same time, the transformation of automatic system, cooling system, so that the company's products thickness control at the +/-0.1mm level, the introduction of Taiwan rubber vulcanization equipment company, now has 1500T, 1200T, 800T, 650T, 200T etc. all kinds of rubber vulcanization equipment near Taiwan, to meet customer needs of various sizes, now has 1200*1100mm, 1100*1000mm, 1080*980mm 1000*1000mm, 600*900mm, and all kinds of molded sole choice for customers.

German company to introduce advanced equipment and ground dust removal system, all products of thickness error control in the +/-0.1mm level, the increase of new dust removal equipment supporting dust removing capacity, ensure the clean surface of the product.